The tables below list the Liphatech agricultural pest control products available for use in fields and orchards. The first table lists products registered for use in multiple states. The second table lists Special Local Needs products by state, pest, and use pattern. Follow the links for additional information on the individual products.

Always read and follow label directions.

States Target Species / Use Pattern 24(c) SLN No. Labels SDS
CA Voles (Artichoke Fields) CA-060006 Label SDS
ID Townsend's Ground Squirrels ID-180001 Label SDS
ID Voles Aerial Use (Orchards, Crop Borders, Fallow Agricultural Land) ID-190004 Label SDS
ID Ground Squirrels (Wyoming) ID-190009 Label SDS
ID Voles, Deer Mice (Hops) ID-180006 Label SDS
NV Townsend's Ground Squirrels NV-180001 Label SDS
NV Ground Squirrels (Richardson's & Wyoming) NV-190001 Label SDS
OR Slug & Snail OR-140005 Label SDS
UT Townsend's Ground Squirrels UT-180009 Label SDS
WA Voles (Aerial-use) WA-070019 Label SDS
WA Voles, Deer Mice (Hops) WA-180006 Label SDS
WY Ground Squirrels (Richardson's & Wyoming) WY-190004 Label SDS