Media Coverage (March 2023)

PMP Magazine Reports on IGI CO2 Availability in New Orleans: Liphatech: New Orleans approval for IGI CO2 Powered by Liphatech – Pest Management Professional Pest Management Professional (3/2/23)

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We have assembled a list of the most frequently asked questions about IGI Carbon Dioxide (CO2) along with answers that can help you understand how IGI CO2 works and if it is the right solution for your operation.


IGI CO2 Introduction

John Murphy, IGO CO₂ Development & Implementation Manager, walks through everything there is to know for the proper setup of IGI CO₂.

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IGI CO2 – What It Is … and What It Is Not

IGI CO₂ is different. Powered by Liphatech, this method of controlling burrowing rodents is odorless and not a machine. Take on burrowing rodents even in populated areas with IGI CO₂.

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IGI CO2 Eliminator Unboxing

Understanding each piece of the IGI CO₂ system is crucial for proper usage. This short clip will go item by item to make sure you have all the information you need.

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IGI CO2 Equipment Review

Liphatech wants to be sure you have everything you need to operate IGI CO₂. Follow the checklist in this video for all the parts necessary for best usage.

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