IGI CO2 Eliminator Details

The Eliminator injection probe is quick and easy to use for pest control approved for use in populated areas.

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IGI CO2 Eliminator Wand Comparison

Not all burrows are the same. That’s why Liphatech offers two size options with its Eliminator wands for the flexibility you need to access all kinds of burrows and provide effective rodent control.

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IGI CO2 Eliminator Connection to Regulator

If you’re looking for a tutorial on how to attach The Eliminator to the Regulator, watch this video to see step-by-step instructions for efficient, effective control of burrowing rodents.

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IGI CO2 Regulator Connection to Cylinder

Connecting the Regulator to the Cylinder is one of the final steps in setting up the IGI CO₂ system. In this video, John Murphy, IGO CO₂ Development & Implementation Manager, walks through the steps needed to do it.

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IGI CO2 Cylinder Label

Once the setup of an IGI CO₂ cylinder is completed, this EPA-labeled pesticide is ready and approved for use. In this video, John Murphy describes the three available sizes.

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Media Coverage (November 2022)

Industry publication shows how Liphatech brings awareness for a good cause: Liphatech brings awareness for breast cancer – Pest Management Professional Pest Management Professional (11/16/22)

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