Biosecurity Rodent Control

3 Rotational Options, 3 Active Ingredients, 1 Manufacturer

Liphatech is the only manufacturer to provide the flexibility of a full 3 active ingredient soft bait rotation, block or pellet rotation, or a combination of both. We have a rotation to fit your needs and ensure proper rotation.

Our Animal Health Mission

Liphatech creates successful partnerships with animal producers by offering superior and innovative rodent control products. We strive to continually demonstrate prompt customer service to assist integrators in improving the quality of biosecurity programs and animal welfare.

Biosecurity Rodent Control

A consistent, organized, ongoing program of vaccination, sanitation and disinfection, and rodent control measures and practices – collectively termed “biosecurity” – is essential for reducing the risk of a disease outbreak spreading among your livestock and costing you considerable revenue.

Effective rodenticides and bait stations are critical components of any biosecurity rodent control program, which is why we constantly strive to develop new technologies and materials to help you control rodent infestations.


Cannon Soft Bait

Cannon™ Soft Bait provides Integrators with an acute rodenticide in a palatable formulation. The active ingredient bromethalin starts delivering control of both mice and rats in as little as 48 hours after they have consumed a lethal dose. Without the need to mix meal bait and pellets, Cannon provides simple, effective cleanout baiting between flocks or herds with a single rodent control product. Cannon Soft Bait is the perfect bromethalin rotation partner to break an anticoagulant cycle.

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Liphatech invests the time, people and resources needed to protect people and property from unwanted pests. Meet the team behind the leading technology in pest control.

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