Management Team

Matthew Titshaw

Business Manager - Structural Pest Control
Matthew started in pest control straight out of college and quickly grew to love the management and sales aspects of the job. His job at Liphatech combines these with customers he considers "some of the nicest people around." After 20 years of competitive softball, Matt now competes regularly in tennis tournaments. Watch his video to learn more.

Kevin Hintz

Senior Marketing Manager - Structural Pest Control
Check back soon to view Kevin’s video and learn more about him.

Inda Pawlak

Marketing Manager - Structural Pest Control
Inda’s role in marketing enables her to wear many hats and work with a diverse group of people throughout the company. She has been in the pest management industry since 2012 and finds the strong work ethic of people in the industry admirable. Her favorite food is dark chocolate with a glass of red wine – a combination that’s tough to beat. To learn more about Inda, watch the video.

John Murphy

CO2 Development and Implementation Manager
John is a pest control expert who has been with Liphatech for almost 20 years. A natural problem-solver, he enjoys troubleshooting customer challenges and helping his customers grow their business. His favorite movie is Abbott & Costello Meet Frankenstein. To find out more, watch John's video.

Chris Morales

R&D Manager
Chris started his career as a laboratory biologist working directly with rats and mice. His efforts led to the development of new product formulations and other innovations. In his current role, he enjoys educating customers on the science of rodenticides and their role in protecting public health. Off the clock, Chris likes collecting vinyl records and hiking Southern California.

Sales Team

Tom Belcher

Mid-Atlantic District Sales Manager - Structural Pest Control
For Tom, his job is all about bringing value to his customers' businesses. He likes to be challenged, so it’s no surprise his favorite pest is the ‘very clever’ rat. When he’s not outsmarting them, he’s playing the drums, eating Italian food or spending time with his family. Watch his video to learn more about Tom.

Howard Franklin

Central District Sales Manager - Structural Pest Control
Howard started working in the family pest control operation when he was only 15. Seeing how much pest management services help people is what's kept him in the industry since then. He admits to a "strange respect" for termites thanks to their ability to work together to achieve their goal. To find out more, watch Howard's video.

Barry Pitkoff

Northeast District Sales Manager - Structural Pest Control
Barry sees his career in pest management as a unique way of contributing to public health and making a difference in people’s lives. His favorite ‘pest’ is the honeybee because, unlike rodents, bees are integral to the cycle of life. Outside of work, Barry is a multi-talented guitar player, songwriter, photographer and, as he mentions in his video, occasional movie extra.

Vince Romao

Western District Sales Manager – Structural Pest Control

Southern CA - Fresno and Territory South of Fresno

Southern NV - Las Vegas and Clark Co.

In addition to being a “an all around nice guy,” Vince is a former Marine Corps officer and a Desert Storm veteran who brings the same dedication to serving his clients that he did to serving his country. In his off hours, he brings battlefield history to life by leading tours of Civil War sites. Watch Vince’s video for more.

Nick Fugate

Midwest District Sales Manager - Structural Pest Control
Nick’s approach to customers is a move inspired by his mother. As a former waitress, she used to turn her “regulars” into family members – a strategy Nick employs today at Liphatech, “I love the idea of turning customers into family.” A self-proclaimed fountain of useless knowledge, Nick is a great partner to have at trivia night. Watch Nick’s video for more.

Joey Hedgemon

Southeast District Sales Manager - Structural Pest Control
Check back soon to view Joey’s video and learn more about him.

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