Pest Management Solutions Overview

At Liphatech, our objective is to assist landowners in proper pest management (not eradication) of wild rodents like voles, prairie dogs, pocket gophers, rats and mice. We have a deep understanding of vertebrate pest management and the specific pest control challenges agricultural professionals face.

We are dedicated to educating agricultural professionals on all rodent control methods and best practices, not just baits, in order to prevent vector-borne disease transmission.

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We've got your back, barns, and your bottom lines. We have a passion for agriculture, and are your trusted partner in the industry for rodent, slug, and snail control solutions.

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Our Commitment

We are committed to environmental stewardship, public health, and the safe handling of rodenticides. We work collaboratively with wildlife biologists, agricultural extensions, pest control advisors, state agricultural and wildlife agencies and ingredient experts to develop bait formulations, application methods and product labels that balance the needs of these different stakeholders. 

Liphatech also develops tailored stewardship programs and educational materials on best grower practices. Ag chem dealers and rural municipalities interested in hosting workshops on the effective use of our product according to the EPA pesticide label should contact their District Sales Representative.

Meet Our Team

Liphatech invests the time, people and resources needed to protect people and property from unwanted pests. Meet the team behind the leading technology in pest control.

Ross Horn Business Manager - Farm & Ranch
Chuck Hathaway Senior Marketing Manager - Farm & Ranch
Jim Knuth High Plains District Sales Manager - Farm & Ranch
Michael Brownell Northern Plains District Sales Manager - Farm & Ranch
Chris Morales R&D Manager

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