Rozol Pocket Gopher Bait

Rozol® Pocket Gopher Bait is a general use pesticide containing chlorophacinone, a multi-feed anticoagulant invented by Liphatech and used for over 50 years. It is a treated grain labeled for hand or probe application below ground in alfalfa, orchards and groves, rangeland, noncrop areas, lawns and golf courses.

  • Pocket Gopher

Why Rozol Pocket Gopher Bait?

  • Effective control.
  • Palatable bait.
  • Multiple use sites.
  • Waits for the rodent: When placed in the burrow, the anticoagulant bait is stable; it takes effect after the rodent eats the bait.

Product Details

  • Active ingredient: Formulated with chlorophacinone (50 ppm), a multi-feed anticoagulant rodenticide; Vitamin K1 is the antidote.
  • Available in 25 pound pails; resealable plastic container ensures product freshness and secure storage.
  • Coverage: A 25 pound pail yields 100 1/2-cup treatments or an average of 4 acres of typical infestation.
  • Bulk density: 78 lb./cubic foot (1.25 g/ml).
  • Type/appearance: Blue-green kernels. Approximately 751 grain kernels per ounce or 12,000 kernels per pound of product.
  • Approved for use in all states except: AK, HI, NC & PA.
  • EPA Reg. #7173-184.

Stewarding Resources for the Future

As part of our commitment to environmental stewardship, Liphatech is a proud member of the Ag Container Recycling Council. The ACRC collects and safely recycles the HDPE plastic jugs and pails from our ag, animal health and structural pest control products.

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