Liphatech Introduces New Soft Bait to “Flatline” Rodents (January 2020)

Liphatech Introduces New Soft Bait to “Flatline” Rodents. First and Only Multiple-Feed Soft Bait Rodenticide; Designed for Consistent Everyday Use. Liphatech Inc., The Soft Bait Innovators®, are introducing Flatline™ Soft Bait to their portfolio of effective, palatable and easy-to-use soft bait products. Flatline is the …

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Flatline Sell Sheet

Flatline™, the first and only chlorophacinone soft bait rodenticide.


Vet Guide + Background and Case Studies

Complete Vet Guide plus background and case studies on accidental rodenticide ingestion by dogs and cats. It is intended to be of help to veterinarians faced with treating rodenticide-poisoned animals.