June 4, 2024

MILWAUKEE (June 3, 2024) — Flatline® Soft Bait is now available in an expanded package size in both the
U.S. and Canada, offering pest management professionals (PMPs) more convenience and flexibility when choosing the product. Flatline, from The Soft Bait Innovators® at Liphatech Inc., is the first and only chlorophacinone soft bait rodenticide for the professional market.

In addition to the existing Flatline offering – 4 lb. (1.81 kg) individual bags of 28-gram pouches and 8-4 lb. (1.81 kg) bag cases – the product is now available for purchase in 16 lb. pails in the U.S. and 7 kg pails in Canada. Flatline is a palatable, multiple-feed soft bait that effectively kills rats and mice and is specifically labeled for Norway rats, roof rats, house mice, deer mice and white-footed mice. Flatline maintains its integrity in hot environments. It is a good option for outdoor or indoor use in light to heavy rodent conditions.

“The larger pail size provides another option for PMPs who use Flatline. Since Flatline is a first-generation anticoagulant rodenticide, it’s also a good option for getting ahead of rodent infestations where the use of second-generation rodenticides is restricted,” said Matt Titshaw, pest management business manager at Liphatech.

Flatline Soft Bait is easy-to-use and packaged in a conveniently sized 28-gram soft bait pouch which can be quickly secured with bait rods or feeding devices such as SoftSecure™ Technology (SST). Flatline is formulated to reduce debris and service time for PMPs. Vitamin K₁ is the antidote for Flatline.

Flatline, along with other Liphatech products, is available in the U.S. and Canada from authorized distributors to PMPs in structural pest control. For more information about Liphatech’s products and services, visit liphatech.com (U.S.) or liphatech.ca (Canada).