NoTox Non-toxic Bait Sell Sheet

Formulated with ingredients that rodents and other nuisance animals can't resist, NoTox™ baits are designed to monitor activity. They contain no rodenticide so they pose no danger to rodent predators or any other curious animals.


Liphatech Announces Enhancement to SoftSecure™ Technology; Extension of NoTox™ Product Line (September 2021)

Liphatech Inc., The Soft Bait Innovators®, is announcing an enhancement to its SoftSecure™ Technology (SST) and an addition to the NoTox™ product line with the renaming of its Rat and Mouse Attractant™ under the NoTox brand. These changes allow Liphatech to offer more versatility to …

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Products at a Glance

Featuring our comprehensive line of rodenticides, Aegis® bait stations and SoftSecure™ Technology.


Full Line Product Guide

Product information on Liphatech's professional pest control products, including FirstStrike®, Resolv® and TakeDown® soft baits, Generation®, Maki® and BlueMax™ baits and Aegis® bait stations.


Municipal Rodent Control Brochure

FREE troubleshooting, consulting and training services as part of our Municipal Rodent Control Initiative.