September 9, 2021

Liphatech Inc., The Soft Bait Innovators®, is announcing an enhancement to its SoftSecure™ Technology (SST) and an addition to the NoTox™ product line with the renaming of its Rat and Mouse Attractant™ under the NoTox brand. These changes allow Liphatech to offer more versatility to pest management professionals (PMPs) who utilize the products as part of their rodent control program.

The easy-to-use SST, suitable for securing Liphatech soft baits or mini blocks inside Liphatech’s Aegis®-RP and Aegis®-RP Anchor bait stations, now features an enhanced design that elevates bait at a more optimum feeding angle inside Aegis bait stations. The SST keeps bait secure and in place with no need for horizontal or vertical rods. Bait can be placed directly on the SST, allowing rodents to feed between the metal bars.

In addition to the SST enhancement, Liphatech’s NoTox brand is now a family of products featuring NoTox Soft Bait Attractant™ – formerly known as Liphatech Rat & Mouse Attractant. Along with NoTox™ Monitoring Blocks, non-toxic NoTox Soft Bait Attractant is highly attractive to rodents, nuisance animals and pests even when competing food is available. NoTox Soft Bait Attractant can be used with or without the paper wrapper on snap traps and glue boards, and in bait stations and live-catch traps. Targeted pests include, but are not limited to, the following species: house mouse, Norway rat, roof rat, raccoon, chipmunk and squirrel.

NoTox Soft Bait Attractant is available in new packaging from distributors in cases containing eight – 1 lb. labeled bags of 10-gram pouches – labeled for sale by the case or 1 lb. bag.

Liphatech’s unique NoTox Monitoring Blocks remain unchanged. They contain no active ingredient and can be used for monitoring activity of house mouse, Norway rat and roof rat species in and around buildings. The mini blocks are based on the same formula as Liphatech’s Maki® bait, have a triangular shape that aids in bait identification and use a red dye that is highly visible in droppings.

“We are always looking for ways to innovate at Liphatech and offer tools that assist PMPs with their rodent control efforts – with new products as well as our tried-and-true ones,” said Charlie Passantino, structural pest control business director at Liphatech. “The enhancements to the SST will benefit PMPs with product performance and having both of our monitoring/attractant products in the same family will simplify understanding and the ordering process for both distributors and PMPs.”

SST and the NoTox family of products, along with Liphatech’s entire rodent control solutions portfolio, are available from authorized distributors to PMPs in structural pest control management. For information about Liphatech products and services, call 888-331-7900 or visit