Liphatech Announces Enhancement to SoftSecure™ Technology; Extension of NoTox™ Product Line (September 2021)

Liphatech Inc., The Soft Bait Innovators®, is announcing an enhancement to its SoftSecure™ Technology (SST) and an addition to the NoTox™ product line with the renaming of its Rat and Mouse Attractant™ under the NoTox brand. These changes allow Liphatech to offer more versatility to …

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LiphaTips Episode 2: Identifying Rodent Infestations & Solutions

Follow along as we take you through the necessary tools, what to look for when inspecting your farm, and solutions to help you control your rodent infestations.

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LiphaTips Episode 1: Key Rodent Behaviors

Liphatech partnered with Auburn University to bring you the first episode of their Biosecurity Rodent Control educational videos. Follow along as we take you through the fundamentals of Key Rodent Behaviors.

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Biosecurity Rodent Control Product Guide

Product information on Liphatech's biosecurity rodent control products, including FastDraw®, Revolver®, Cannon™ and DoubleTap™ soft baits, Hombre®, BootHill® and Gunslinger® baits and Aegis® bait stations.


Aegis-RP Anchor Sell Sheet

The Aegis®-RP Anchor comes pre-assembled with a concrete base, saving you labor costs compared to DIY other models — just open, bait, lock and go.


Rodent Reference Guide

This easy-to-use reference guide compiles in-depth information from industry scientists, biologists and experienced field technicians to help you develop an integrated approach to controlling rodent infestations.