Downtime Baiting Procedures

The most important and best time to eliminate rodents is during downtime between flocks and herds. This document will help you find recommendations on how to prepare your houses, and how to bait starting immediately after birds or hogs have exited the houses.


Renegade Mini Block Bait Flyer

Learn what makes Renegade Mini Block Bait an ideal maintenance rodenticide.


Aegis Risk Reducer Snapshot

What is the Risk Reducer? This is an insert ready to use for Aegis-RP bait stations that can lessen rodenticide crumb out on your production operation. Watch this video for a snapshot of its features and benefits.

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Aegis Risk Reducer

The Aegis Risk Reducer is a bait station insert that can lessen the rodenticide crumb-out outside of an Aegis-RP bait station and reduce the risk of bait exposure to non-target animals on your farm.


DoubleTap Sell Sheet

DoubleTap™ Soft Bait is the first and only chlorophacinone soft bait rodenticide in the Animal Health market.


Rozol White Tracking Powder

Rozol® Tracking Powder can be used to treat wall voids and dusted into Norway rat burrows likely to lead into buildings.

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