Breeder/Broiler House Inspection Checklist

When inspecting your breeder or broiler house, there are critical steps to take in making sure you have cov­ered all possible and likely areas of activity.


“Pick Your Poison,” Get Free Product (August 2019)

Liphatech Launches “Pick Your Poison” Free Product Promotion. Limited Time Promo Includes Soft Baits, Mini Blocks MILWAUKEE (August 7, 2019) – Liphatech Inc., a leading manufacturer of rodenticides, including FastDraw®, Revolver®, Cannon™, Hombre®, BootHill® and Gunslinger® brands, is providing integrators two ways to save on …

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FastDraw Feeding Frenzy

We placed large amounts of FastDraw® Soft Bait in an active dairy barn infested with both rats and mice. Despite the alternate sources of food, the rodents went for the FastDraw. See what happened next.

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Free 4 lb. Bags of Liphatech Rodenticide (July 2018)

Purchase a full pallet, get 40 free bags. For a limited time, receive 40 – 4 lb. bait bags free with the purchase of a full pallet of select Liphatech soft bait or mini block rodenticides. Offer is available with the purchase of all FirstStrike®, …

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Biosecurity Rodent Control Product Guide

Product information on Liphatech's biosecurity rodent control products, including FastDraw®, Revolver® and Cannon™ soft baits, Hombre®, BootHill® and Gunslinger® baits and Aegis® bait stations.


Rotational Hip-Pocket Tool

A complete soft bait rotation, a complete block rotation, or a combination of both. Liphatech is your single source for optimal rotation and rodent control.

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