Renegade Bait

When using a bait to manage your rodent populations, use Renegade™ Bait. Renegade contains the active ingredient difethialone, which kills rodents starting 4-5 days after they have consumed a lethal dose. This product is formulated with a lower concentration of active ingredient (25 ppm) in a palatable bait.

  • House Mouse
  • Norway Rat
  • Roof Rat

Meal Bait

  • Labeled for use in Norway rat burrows.
  • Contains mold inhibitors for longer life.
  • Lower second-generation anticoagulant active ingredient concentration; Vitamin K1 is the antidote.
  • Best used in areas where non-target animals cannot access bait.
  • Scoop included for ease of use and measured dosing.
  • Available in 25 lb. pails or 50 lb. boxes.

Mini Blocks

  • Renegade 20 gram mini blocks are an ideal maintenance rodenticide where crumbs and scatter are a concern.
  • Formulated with difethialone (25 ppm), a second-generation anticoagulant; Vitamin K1 is the antidote.
  • Contains mold inhibitors, making this product a great option for high moisture environments such as around cool-cells.
  • Blue marker dye can be seen in droppings.
  • Place in areas with mold potential and/or humid, moist baiting conditions.
  • Available in 20 lb. pails (approx. 454 blocks per pail).

Stewarding Resources for the Future

As part of our commitment to environmental stewardship, Liphatech is a proud member of the Ag Container Recycling Council. The ACRC collects and safely recycles the HDPE plastic jugs and pails from our ag, animal health and structural pest control products.

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