2013 eRATicate Soft Bait Awareness Tour

Catch highlights from Liphatech's five–city tour of some of the worst rodent infested cities in the US: Atlanta, Long Beach, New York City, Baltimore and Chicago.

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Rodent Food Preferences

Not all rodents eat the same thing. Knowing the various diets of common rodents can help with your control strategy. Part of our LiphaTalks video series.

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Commensal Rodent Facts Booklet

This easy-to-use reference guide compiles in-depth information from numerous experts to help you develop an integrated approach for controlling commensal rodent infestations.


Municipal Rodent Control Brochure

FREE troubleshooting, consulting and training services as part of our Municipal Rodent Control Initiative.


Commensal Rodent Sheet

Rodent identification and control tips for Norway rats, roof rats and house mice.


Winners of Liphatech’s 2017 Soft Bait Challenge (October 2017)

Liphatech® Announces Winners of the Soft Bait Challenge! Liphatech, The Soft Bait Innovators™, invited U.S. pest management professionals (PMPs) to Take the Soft Bait Challenge. PMPs saw what happened when FirstStrike®, Resolv® or TakeDown™ went head‐to‐head against conventional bait. Liphatech awarded prizes to the top …

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