Rozol Rockin Rebate

Thank you for your past or new trial purchase of Rozol. To celebrate Rozol’s 50-year anniversary, we are offering a purchase rebate to end-users.

Rebate Details

Earn $0.25 per pound

Purpose: This rebate is for purchases by end-users only; not for redemption by resellers.

This rebate is for any of the following Rozol Products:

  • Ground Squirrel Bait*
  • Rat & Mouse Pellets
  • Pocket Gopher Bait (PGB)
  • PGB Burrow Builder Formula*
  • Prairie Dog Bait*
  • Vole Bait*

*These products are Restricted Use Pesticides

Up to $500 (on 40, 50 lb. bags or 80, 25 lb. pails/bags)

This rebate applies to 25 lb. or 50 lb. packages.

Offer valid for purchases:
Nov. 30, 2020 through May. 30, 2022

Proof-of-purchase must be uploaded and submission completed by June 25, 2022.

$500 maximum rebate. Limit per user/address, per program period.

Please complete usage questionnaire below, upload proof-of-purchase and allow 4-6 weeks for processing.

For redemption questions, please call
(800) 351-1476 x7237.

All questions must be answered in order to receive payment.
Liphatech respects your privacy and never shares your personal information with third parties.
We may use this to contact you with questions or to inform you of label updates.


Upload up to four scanned or screenshot copies of your Rozol invoice(s). Accepted formats: PDF, JPG, PNG.