February 17, 2020

First Video in Rodent Control Educational Series Launched on Website; New Inspection Checklist Added

With the increasing importance of biosecurity in both poultry and swine operations, Liphatech Inc., a leading manufacturer of rodenticides, has created and launched the first video in a series (LiphaTips) focused on biosecurity rodent control education for growers and integrators. The new educational video is viewable at liphatech.com, along with a new Breeder/Broiler House Checklist and other resources for viewing or downloading.

The educational video was created in partnership with Auburn University’s Poultry Research and Education Center and covers key rodent behaviors that occur specifically within the poultry & swine production environment. The video, and future LiphaTips episodes are an effort to inform and support growers and integrators in their mission to reduce the risk of costly disease outbreaks.

The Breeder/Broiler House Inspection Checklist is a step-by-step tool covering exterior, interior and night-time inspection procedures and proactive tracking of rodent activity for fast adaptation and action in response to changes in rodent population, nesting areas and behavior.

“It is imperative that a sound biosecurity program is implemented to protect the welfare of poultry and swine operations, especially since rodents find their environments to be an attractive harborage,” said Jesse Heiking, Senior Marketing Manager for Liphatech’s Agricultural/Animal Health Division. “Liphatech is here to lend our expertise and support growers and integrators with resources, infestation troubleshooting and our portfolio of rodenticide baits and bait station products.”

To view the first LiphaTips video, download the Breeder/Broiler Inspection Checklist or view other demonstration and comparison videos, visit: https://liphatech.com/animal-health-biosecurity/resources/.

Liphatech rodenticides used in the poultry and swine markets include FastDraw®, Revolver® and Cannon™ Soft Baits, and Hombre®, BootHill® and Gunslinger® Blocks or Pellets, and Renegade™ Meal Bait. Liphatech is the only manufacturer to provide the flexibility of a full 3-active ingredient rotation of soft bait, blocks or pellets, or a combination of both.  For more information about Liphatech products and services, call 888-331-7900 or visit liphatech.com.