May 4, 2020

Second Video in Rodent Control Educational Series Launched on Website

With the increasing importance of biosecurity in both poultry and swine operations, Liphatech Inc., a leading manufacturer of rodenticides, has launched the second video in a series (LiphaTips) focused on biosecurity rodent control education for growers and integrators. The new educational video is viewable at, along with other resources for viewing or downloading.

The educational video was created in partnership with Auburn University’s Poultry Research and Education Center and focuses on identifying rodent infestations and solutions within the poultry and swine production environment. The video, and future LiphaTips episodes are an effort to inform and support growers and integrators in their mission to reduce the risk of costly disease outbreaks, feed contamination, and building damage.

“It is important to create and maintain a strong biosecurity program to protect the welfare of your poultry and swine operations from a wide variety of diseases, especially since rodents can carry the outside, inside,” said Jason Price, National Technical Support Manager for Liphatech’s Agricultural/Animal Health Division. “Liphatech is here to lend our expertise to support growers and integrators with our state-of-the-art resources, infestation troubleshooting and our portfolio of rodenticide baits and bait station products.”

To view the second LiphaTips video, or other educational and comparison videos, visit: