March 1, 2018

Liphatech increases Generation® product offering

Liphatech’s Generation bait family has expanded to include the newest offering in the Generation product family: Mini Blocks in a 4 lb. bag. Generation is still available in the multiple formulations of mini blocks, pellet place packs and paraffinized pellets PMPs have come to trust. As of March 1st, mini blocks are now available in either a 4 lb. bag (sold in a 16 lb. case of four bags) or a 16 lb. pail. An extremely palatable mini block, Generation gives you the performance of difethialone, the newest second-generation anticoagulant available, in a cost effective, compact size.

Liphatech’s easy-to-carry 4 lb. bag provides a convenient option when space is limited and portability is important. With a resealable top and durable, water-resistant construction, the bait stays dry. The full label is printed directly on the bag.

“We are excited to add this portable option for mini blocks to our Generation family.” said Charlie Passantino, Liphatech business director, pest management division. “It gives PMPs an easy way to transport our reliable mini block.”