June 1, 2016

Liphatech Announces New Products

New Products from Liphatech help PMPs Take Control of Rodent Problems

As The Soft Bait Innovators™, Liphatech continues to bring ground-breaking rodent control products to market. Liphatech is pleased to introduce 4 lb. Soft Bait Bags. In addition, 16 lb. pails of soft bait containing 40 gram pouches of FirstStrike® or Resolv® now come with 5 SSTs – a rodenticide placement device for bait stations.

The flexible bags are convenient and easy to carry. They open and reopen easily and the full label is printed directly on the bag. The 4 lb. bags are available with 10g pouches of FirstStrike or 12g pouches of Resolv. Pail sizes are still available, as well.

Other soft bag features include:

  • Top is recloseable and makes it easy to reach in and access product.
  • Reinforced, multi-ply handle maintains form and strength.
  • Durable, water-resistant four-ply construction keeps bait dry.
  • Specialized gussets keep bag upright.
  • Patent-pending bag design.

Just like the soft bait bags, the SST is also easy to use. Simply place the bait in the SST device, close the lid and go. The rodents feed on the bait directly between the bars. The SST also eliminates the need to deal with bait rod hassles, especially in cold weather.

As always, Liphatech soft bait is wax-free and can be used anywhere traditional wax blocks are used, often with better results. With no wax, it has great palatability and does not melt in high temperatures. That means less waste and more effective performance, a savings of time and money for pest management professionals.

“SSTs and soft bait bags create efficiency – I can’t imagine PMPs not wanting to use these time-savers,” said Charles Passantino, business director, Liphatech pest management division. “Plus, with the 40g pouches, eliminating rodents has never been easier.”