Aegis Risk Reducer

For use in Aegis-RP Bait Stations. The Aegis Risk Reducer is a bait station insert that can lessen the rodenticide crumb-out outside of an Aegis-RP bait station and reduce the risk of bait exposure to non-target animals on your farm. Purchase Risk Reducers inserts for your Aegis-RP stations today!

  • House Mouse
  • Norway Rat
  • Roof Rat

Risk Reducer Benefits

  • Barriers help brush crumbs from the underbelly of rodents before exiting and create another blockade to stop bait waste from leaving the station.
  • For mice: knock-outs create another barrier for crumbs. For rats: remove to enlarge entry/exit points.
  • Plugs Aegis-RP drain holes to reduce crumb out.
  • Removable grate allows you to easily clean the catch basin.
  • Can be used in vertically or horizontally placed Aegis-RP’s.

Increase Animal Welfare

  • Increase animal welfare in your operation by controlling rodents and reducing the risk of bait exposure.
  • Holds bait crumbs and paper shreds.
  • Helps prevent rodenticide crumb-out in your production operation.
  • Quickly clean out and service by removing from the station.
  • Catches waste in Aegis-RP’s placed vertically or horizontally.

Aegis Risk Reducer Snapshot

What is the Risk Reducer? This is an insert ready to use for Aegis-RP bait stations that can lessen rodenticide crumb out on your production operation. Watch this video for a snapshot of its features and benefits.

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