Aegis Mouse Bait Station

No other competing brand of mouse station offers more bait capacity. Aegis® Mouse Bait Stations can fit two rodenticide blocks or soft bait pouches, and its SecurePoint™ Technology makes it the best mouse station for soft bait. Quality design and materials mean Aegis Mouse Bait Stations provide years of economical, dependable service. All Aegis stations can be mounted both vertically and horizontally, and feature an entry/exit design that lures rodents in. The Aegis universal key locking system make servicing quick and easy.

  • House Mouse

Aegis Mouse Benefits

  • Available in a clear lid model with rotating hinges or an economical solid black model with living hinge.
  • Clear lid allows for at-a-glance inspection and reduced service time.
  • SecurePoint™ Technology holds blocks or soft bait tight in station.
  • Anchoring holes for securing the station to floors, walls or pipes.
  • Black lid station dimensions: 5 1/2 inches long; 4 5/16 inches wide (including hinge); 1 5/8 inches high (lid closed); 1 3/8 inches high (lid open).
  • Clear lid station dimensions: 5 7/16 inches long; 4 3/8 inches wide (including hinge); 1 9/16 inches high (lid closed); 1 15/16 inches high (lid open).

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